A person performing a bungee jump

Experience Bungee Jumping!

Eversince David Kirke performed the first modern bungee jump way back in 1979, this activity became a part of many people’s bucket lists. Whether you want to try it to get rid of your fear of heights, to prove your braveness or you want to do it to mark a new chapter in your life – bungee jumping is something you just have to experience!

And let’s not forget one of the best advantages of bungee jumping – after doing it you can brag all you want because it really is something to be proud of!

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A beautiful sunset on Croatian seaside

8 reasons to finally visit Croatia in 2021!

You’ve probably heard of Croatia much over the last few years thanks to the megapopular TV show Game of Thrones and the fact that Croatian football team won silver medal in 2018 FIFA World Cup.

If those two reasons weren’t enough to convince you it’s time to finally visit this majestic place, we’ll present you with 8 reasons why you should definitely pack your bags and book your flight to Croatia!

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Nature Park Vrana Lake excursion from Zadar

Spend a day at Vransko Lake!

If you’re traveling through Croatia and you’re visiting Zadar and Šibenik, right between those two cities you’ll find a unique site – the Vransko Jezero!

This wonderful lake has been declared a Nature Park in 1999 and since then it’s been a must-visit for every tourist traveling through Dalmatia! With area of nearly 60km², half of which is the lake itself, this wonderful park is filled with natural attractions such as brackish water and cryptodepression (which means that a part of the lake lies below the sea level).

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In central Dalmatia, where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic sea, you will find a real Mediterranean gem. Šibenik, also known as “Kresimir’s Town”, is full of cultural heritage, scenic attractions and social events. Read more “Šibenik”