Marina Skradin

A Nautical Gateway


Nestled in the heart of Croatia's Adriatic coast, near the entrance of the mesmerizing Krka River and in close proximity to Krka National Park, you'll find a nautical haven known as Marina Skradin. Marina Skradin, also recognized by sailors as ACI Marina Skradin, is an oasis for nautical enthusiasts from across the globe. This marina is open all year and is famous for its calm waters, modern facilities, and unbeatable location—it's just a short walk from the historic and lively town of Skradin.

Skradin, a town with a deep connection to the sea

The historical town of Skradin, home to our beloved marina, boasts a centuries-long nautical heritage. An important Illyrian settlement in ancient times, it grew as an integral part of Dalmatia's maritime affairs due to its favorable position that facilitated trade and naval matters. In many ways, this illustrious history has shaped Marina Skradin's distinctive charm—a blending of ancient tradition with modern protocol.

Modern Facilities and Services

Navigating through ACI Marina hosts a range of top-notch facilities catering to all types of seafarers. Whether you dock your vessel for a brief rest or plan an extended stay, every necessity is at your fingertips. There are:

  • refueling stations
  • repair docks for maintenance tasks
  • showers
  • laundry services
  • stores

An Overview of Local Attractions

Docking at Marina Skradin unveils a world filled with scenic beauty and cultural gems. The crown jewel among these attractions is undoubtedly Krka National Park, known for its calming waterfalls and lush greenery—a truly magical embodiment of Croatia’s natural splendor.

Skradin's Culinary Delights

Sampling local cuisine becomes integral part during any travel journey – no different here particularly refreshing seafront ambiance adds that extra charm! Freshly-caught fish traditional Dalmatian dishes like "Skradinski risotto" temptation noiseless whisperings waves coupled local wines craft heavenly gastronomy experience.

Events and Regattas in Skradin

Anyone visiting Marina Skradin finds this marina buzzing with variety nautical cultural events. These events bring together maritime community globally form sailing competitions, yachting contests, cultural festivals to signify town’s age-old nautical tradition - creating vibrancy being felt throughout marina.

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