Meeting with your bike guide and bike ride towards Nin9:00
Arrival at Nin; visit of Nin and free time10:45
Return to Zadar14:00


Per person80€

Included in price

Bike (city/trekking)
Bottle of water


Electric City Bike (city/trekking)20€/bike


Nin Guided Bike Tour

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing way to explore the historical town of Nin, why not join us on a guided bike tour? You will start your adventure in Zadar old town, where you will meet your friendly guide and choose your bike.

As you follow your guide through Zadar, you will enjoy the stunning views of the Old town and take some amazing photos. You will also pass by the charming seaside villages, the pine forests and the ancient church of St. Nicholas, where many Croatian kings were crowned. This church is located on a hill and served as a lookout point in times of war.

Upon reaching Nin you will have some free time to explore the town by yourself. This city, situated on a small island, is a fairytale-like place that dates back to the 9th century BC. It was named one of the most romantic destinations in Europe in 2015 by the European Best Destinations travel website. You will be amazed by the rich cultural heritage of this town, which dates back to the Roman times.

There you can see the remains of the biggest Roman Temple in Croatia. You can also admire the Condura Croatica, an old Croatian boat that stands at the entrance to the port and shows the long maritime tradition of Nin. You can also rub the finger of a bronze statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin for good luck.

Another attraction that you should not miss is the Church of the Holy Cross from the 9th century. This church has a unique feature: its windows are perfectly placed to allow the sun rays to enter and act as a sundial.

If you are interested in learning more about the ecological salt production in Nin, there is, nearby, Museum and House of Salt. There you can see how salt is manually harvested and crystallized.

After that, you will cycle further to see the sandy lagoon with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. You can relax and swim there before heading back to Zadar.

The tour is suitable for families, young adults, and seniors alike, making it a perfect adventure for all ages.

Tour length: 43 km,

Elevation gain: 388 m

Tour difficulty: moderate


What to bring?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (not flip flops), bring water and sunscreen

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Oldest city

The town Nin is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Croatia.

Bishop city

Nin used to be a Bishops city, with more than 60 known bishops.


Nin beared the title “king” among salt producers for centuries. Nin’s salt is special because of its traditional production and specific taste, which can be attributed to its convenient geographical position, a large number of hours of sunshine and characteristic winds blowing from Velebit mountain, and as well a high percentage of iodine.