Two tourists standup paddleboarding around the Island of Vis in Croatia

SUP Adventure in Croatia

What is SUP? Imagine this. You’re relaxed as ever on a paddleboard in a crystal-clear sea surrounded by sandy and pebble beaches. The climate is enjoyable and you scent a refreshing mild wind carrying the smell of green pine trees. That’s right, you’re in Croatia. Now it may be just a dream, but here in …

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Zadar – Zrće Transfer

If you’re looking for a unique music festival experience, the Novalja Music Festival in Zrće, Croatia should be at the top of your list. This festival is known for its amazing line-up of international DJs, incredible parties and breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or a first-timer, Novalja is sure to exceed your expectations. …

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Woman eating a sea food dish with baked potatoes aside

Croatian’s Coastal Cuisine

Dalmatia is famous for its beautiful seaside and breathtaking old towns. Aside from that, people often associate Dalmatia with delicious foods they’ve tasted while on their vacation. What makes Dalmatian cuisine so popular is the fact that only fresh ingredients are used in meal preparations and lots of fresh herbs and plants that go so …

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Tourists looking through VR glasses during a Virtual Reality Tour in Zadar at Petar Zoranic Square

A Blast from Zadar’s Past

Ever get tired of the usual sightseeing tours? If that’s the case, we might have something you could like more. You’re probably familiar with VR glasses as they’ve been around for quite some time. What’s great about them is that they can make history far more interesting by bringing it to modern life. So, if …

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Sea Kayaking to Dugi Otok

Croatia is a Mediterranean country filled with beautiful places just waiting to be explored. However, walking around ancient cities and seeing all the beautiful architecture is one thing, but looking at those places from the peaceful Adriatic sea is a completely different experience. Sea kayaking offers just that – a fantastic view of Zadar and …

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