Woman eating a sea food dish with baked potatoes aside

Get To Know Croatian’s Coastal Cuisine

Dalmatia is famous for its beautiful seaside and breathtaking old towns. Aside from that, people often associate Dalmatia with delicious foods they’ve tasted while on their vacation.

What makes Dalmatian cuisine so popular is the fact that only fresh ingredients are used in meal preparations and lots of fresh herbs and plants that go so well with quality olive oil. It’s light, healthy, and delicious!

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A beautiful sunset on Croatian seaside

8 reasons to finally visit Croatia in 2021!

You’ve probably heard of Croatia much over the last few years thanks to the megapopular TV show Game of Thrones and the fact that Croatian football team won silver medal in 2018 FIFA World Cup.

If those two reasons weren’t enough to convince you it’s time to finally visit this majestic place, we’ll present you with 8 reasons why you should definitely pack your bags and book your flight to Croatia!

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