SUP Tour from Vir


SUP tour16:00 - 18:00
AFTER SUP chat with beer or ice cream18:00

*Note: Reservations required at least 24-48 hours in advance.

Included in price

Lycra T-shirt/Wetsuit
Bag for drink and camera/mobile

NOT included in price



Get ready for some relaxed meditative workout. We will have fun on the board enjoying the clear blue sea and the smell of pine trees. You will be able to visit Venetian Fortress from the 17th century. If you fell from the board, no worry. You will have a chance to swim in the beautiful crystal blue sea. You will surely have Dream Day.

On our Stand up paddling tour you will have the chance to spend time in the peaceful untouched nature of beautiful island Vir (bridge connected), crystal blue sea and smell of green pine trees. You will have the opportunity to see Venetian fortress Kaštelina from the 17th century from your own board.


Paddleboarding history

Paddleboarding is Thousands of Years Old, but Modern SUP Began in the 20th Century.

It’s Possible to Ride a SUP in a Hurricane

Not something we would advise, but Laird Hamilton, a hero of SUP in America, couldn’t resist the swells off the Southern California coast when Hurricane Marie hit it in 2014.

Fortress Kaštelina

Kaštalina Fortress is located on Cape Kozjak , built in the early 16th century. It served as a defense against the Uskoks and the Turks, and also served as a shelter for Viran and the Nin region in the event of an attack.

Boat tour from Zadar


Have a few hour tour on a boat with skipper for up to 10 persons exploring Zadar archipelago. In arrangement with skipper enjoy in beautiful, crystal sea, swim and dive, explore nice beaches or villages.

Included in price



3 hour boat tour135€


Zadar Archipelago

The Zadar Archipelago is made up of several small and peaceful islands, and all of them are certainly visit-able in their own right


Kukljica is picturesque touristic and fishermen’s village located in the southeast end of the island of Ugljan overlooking the island of Pašman.

Sabuša beach

Shallow water and sandy bottom is beneficial for families with small children. Beach is cemented and pleasant for sunbathing and relaxing in the shade.

Boat tour from Zadar

Zadar Explore Bike Tour


On request

Duration: 2.5 hours

Included in price

Local Guide


Explore the city of Zadar on the bike on this 2.5-hour tour. Accompanied with a local guide, you will have the opportunity to see the most beautiful city beaches, ancient streets and the most interesting parts of the city. We will introduce you to the tumultuous history of the city, which is over 3000 years old.

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Other Cycling Tours

If you are looking to explore Zadar surroundings on a bike, we can make arrangements for other bike tours.

Ugljan Self Guided Tour

This selfguide tour will guide you through the most exciting paths of the island of Ugljan, which is rightfully called „the green island“ thanks to its numerous pine trees and old olive groves. The island, which inspires with its natural beauty as well as preserved traditions, is considered to be a suburb of the city of Zadar as it lies just opposite to it. The island of Ugljan has plenty of bays, beaches and small fishing villages spread along the coast that keeps the secret about their past and the hard life of fishermen
Price: 43€

Zadar - Nin Guided Tour

There are various routes you can take from Zadar to Nin. We have decided to take you on the most attractive ride – along the coast. That path to Nin is imbued with beautiful bays, pine forests and small Dalmatian villages that are constantly exchanging on the way, and that are connected by narrow gravel roads perfect for cycling adventures.
Price: 60€

For more information please contact us.


It doesn’t get older than ‘wide’

The main street in Zadar is named Široka ulica (široka = ‘wide’) and it is believed it’s as old, or even older, than the city itself.

For the very first time …

Many firsts did Croatia experience in Zadar - the first university dating back to the 14th century; the first Croatian novel and newspaper in Croatian language were published there.

Sea organs an architectural object located in Zadar, Croatia and an experimental musical instrument, which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps.



On request


Private transfer to the Zadar Airport can be arranged

Included in price

Experienced Instructor
Pre-jump Safety Briefing
Flight over Zadar
10,000 Feet Jump
Up to 50 Seconds of Free-fall


Skydiving from 10,000 feet over beautiful Zadar archipelago, accompanied with an experienced instructor. Experience the adrenaline rush of a free-fall!

The flight takes place over the Zadar archipelago and the National park Paklenica as a part of Velebit mountain. No better way to see it then from above.

At 10,000 feet we are ready for your jump. Your instructor is adequately experienced for you to relax, all you have to do is follow his brief instructions .

During the free-fall, lasting of up to 50 seconds, you will accelerate to over 200 km/h. At this speed you might feel an extreme adrenaline rush, but in a positive manner since all is happening in a controlled environment. Those are the fifty seconds whole your life fits in. Then comes a moment of relief - canopy opening.

Free fall is followed with 6 to 8 minutes of a serenity floathing down under canopy till you safely land at beach drop zone is located on the way to island Pag
We will deliver high quality adrenaline charged travel experience that will make you feel truly alive.


Wind speed

During freefall, the wind travelling past your ears is well over 100 mph. This much makes you deaf to all sounds you cannot hear a fellow skydiver. This is the reason your ears sometimes ‘pop’ whilst diving!

Skydiving tattoo

‘Jonas’ holds the record for getting the first tattoo while freefalling at a height of 4,000m in Sweden. He got a ‘WFFT’ tattoo made while skydiving with Nordin. WFFT stands for World’s First Freefall Tattoo! Now that is EXTREME skydiving.

Oldest skydiver

The oldest person to skydive was Fred Mack who at 100 years old set the record. Fred, who truly knows how to live life to the fullest first tried skydiving on his 95th birthday and promised friends who supported him that he would come back for a second jump if he made it to 100-years-old.

Buggy Tour


On request

Included in price


2 persons max per Buggy

Buggy Tours


2.5 hours


3,5 h


full day


Explore on the hidden roads of this gorgeous backcountry. Smell the dust and take pictures of local wildlife in their unique natural environment or whatever pops up in front your Arctic Cat. During our Buggy guided tours we guarantee action plus you will learn about this part of Croatia.


2.5 hours fun with an Arctic Cat Trail Side-by-Side/Buggy (700cc/65HP) in Zadar's „outback“,  mostly off-road. You explore all kind of terrains. Stones, sand and sometimes water. You will have fun and see more of the Croatias beauty.

Price: 190€ per Buggy (2 person max)


This 3.5 hour tour is the perfect combination from our Safari Tour and some extreme terrain. Adrenalin will rush into your venes.

Your challenge will be hills, sometimes mud, water, stones/rocks… the pure adventure.

Price: 256€ per Buggy (2 person max)


Our full day Tour

After some on-road driving we will arrive at the wild Croatian mountains Velebit, which are a UNESCO world heritage. By the way, Winnetou the movie, based on the famous novel by Karl May was shot in this area, too. Velebit is the largest mountain in Croatia and part of a bigger mountain chain. 2500 plant species have been described, about hundred being endemic.

Only buggy and horses are able to climb these almost inaccessible wild trails.

On this tour you will observe and have the opportunity to take pictures of the unique variety and beauty of the Croatian nature. For lunch we will stop at a charming traditional Croatian restaurant You will have at least six hours fun and many years to remember

Price: 350€ per Buggy (2 person max)


Best of the best

We are using Buggys (Side by Sides) from Arctic Cat. The best ones you can find. Our buggies are all in a faultless condition. Six of our Side by Sides are from the year 2016.

Design of buggies

Initially buggies were designed for navigating desert or beaches

Inventor of buggies

Bruce Meyers is the man who invented the Meyers Manx, the original dune buggy.



Return to Zadar15:00

Included in price

2 dives
Full tanks


There are plenty of exciting diving locations in Zadar area, with Zadar underwater world known for its diversity and crystal clear sea.

The diving positions are on the island Ugljan, Pašman, Iž, around the island Lavdara and the northern side of the Sit islands. The trip starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. All the positions are inside the radius of 10 nm.

The interesting thing is that you can dive in the National park Kornati and in the Park of the nature Telašćica. These positions are the most attractive for diving, the places everyone dreams of and wants to return.

The beautiful walls are full of different kind of fish, gorgonias, sponges. There you can meet lobster, moray, the unique red corals or the underwater caves or holes. Everything is very admirable because the sea is clear and so clean.

The summer temperature of the sea ( approximately 23 º C ) and its transparency ( the depth of 40 m ) are the best conditions for every diver.


Invention of diving

Jacques Cousteau invented Scuba gear in 1943, calling his cylinder the aqualung.

Sound travel

Sound travels five times faster underwater than in air, which makes it almost imipossible to establish where sound is coming from, as we rely on the time difference between our ears to do so.

Red or yellow

Once you get below 10 metres depth, you can't see red or yellow! If you cut yourself your blood looks blue.

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Sea Kayaking


Zadar - morning9:00

Duration: 3 hours

Zadar - sunset17:00

Duration: 3 hours

Included in price

Full sea kayaking gear
Certified local guide
Dry bags for personal belongings


Explore Zadar from the sea with this unique activity.

Starting from Puntamika, we paddle toward old town, passing along the modern tourist attractions, Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun, up to the fabulous Riva with a view of millennial Roman Forum, the unique St.Donat's church to the Foša port, where in the 16th century city walls have been erected and gates opened.

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Dugi Otok (Long island) kayaking*

Take a day for active vacation in nature and explore the waters around  beautiful Long Island with a kayak. Paddle, swim, jump from cliffs, visit an interesting cave and explore a few parts of the island with kayak accompanied with a certified local guide.

Price: 75€ / per person

*Due to the special arrangements necessary, for Long ISland Kayaking please contact us and we can make all of the arrangements.


Starting time8:30
Arrival in Zadar17:00

Included in price

Full sea kayaking gear
Certified local guide
Dry bags for personal belongings
Ferry & van transport



The name “Kayak” means “hunter’s boat” as kayaks were originally invented by the Inuit, Yup’Ik, and the Aleut for hunting. They were made of seal or other animal skin stretched over wood or whale bone. Kayaks are very quiet which made them ideal for sneaking up on prey.

Over 50,000km in a kayak

Arguably one of the greatest kayak expeditions you have never heard of started back in 1932 when Oskar Speck decided to take the bus to the Danube River in Ulm, Germany and start paddling towards Cyprus. Over the next 7 years he continued working East paddling over 50,000 kilometers and eventually making his way to Australia.

The largest group of kayaks

The official world record was broken on September 24, 2011 when 1,902 boats formed the world's largest raft of canoes/kayaks in Inlet, NY.

Bungee Jumping


On request

Included in price

Transportation with an airconditioned van
Complete equipment

Minimum 2 persons

1 person=120€/person


The Highest Bungee in Croatia

Bungee jump from a 56 meters high at Maslenica bridge is the highest and the most exciting bungee in Croatia.

Maslenica bridge is located just 30 km outside Zadar. We'll make all the arrangements - we'll pick you up at your hotel/apartment and take you to Maslenica for the jump and take you back to your acommodation. All the equipment is included.

History of Bungee

The legend says that bungee jumping first appeared on the Pentecost Island in the South Pacific. During the Second World War the westerners came to this island for the first time and discovered this people and their custom of bungee jumping. According to this legend, one of the natives, Tamalie, was abusing his wife, so she decided to run away. She climbed a tall tree to hide, but he found her and climbed after her. While he was climbing, she tied up lianas around her ankles and in the moment Tamalie tried to catch her, she jumped from the tree. Tamalie jumped after her, hit the ground and died.<br><br>

From that day, men in the village started practicing jumping with lianas so women couldn't outwit men ever again. So they built 28-meter high tower for jumping. Before jump, every man has ritual bath and then climbs a tower. Then his wife is brought to tower where she has to listen husband's complaints in front of whole village. After speech, man has to jump, head down, to proof his manhood. The tradition has retained until today and has become a touristic attraction. The western world hasn't discovered this custom until 1955. from the article of Irving i Electa Johnson in National Geographic magazine.

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First modern jump

Oxford students carried out the first bungee jump with modern materials off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol on April Fool's' Day 1979.

Highest jump

The highest commercial bungee jump in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is 764ft (233m).

Competitive jumping

Some people bungee jump competitively. In order to compete, you must be able to perform stunt jumps, which involves doing flips and other tricks while in mid-air.

Zrmanja Rafting & Kayaking


Rafting / Kayaking11:00
Finish line14:00
Village restaurant14:30
Return to Zadar17:00

Included in price

Pick up at your acommodation
Transportation with an airconditioned van
Complete equipment
Entrance ticket
Professional guide



Zrmanja is a river that flows through well preserved nature with a long tradition of active holidays with rafting and kayaking during most of the year. It connects Velebit mountain with the Adriatic Sea. The untouched and wild nature fits perfectly with traditional villages and lifestyle.

Zrmanja Rafting with R&J Travel Agency

This excursion is perfect for those who like to get really into the adventure. Rafting or kayaking offers experience of nature from another point of view. Here you can feel the power and might of Croatian nature.

Our driver will pick you up at your location in Zadar Area and take you to Zrmanja. All the arrangements will be made - from entrance ticket to necessary equipment, so you can relax and enjoy the adventure. Professional guide will make sure you get safely to the finish line and have a taste of traditional cuisine. Bon appetit!

Book Online

You can BOOK rafting at Zrmanja through our online booking system. If you need more information or some different arrangements, please contact us.



12 km of adventure trough intact canyon of river Zrmanja.

Beauty and the beast

Because when the water level is high, it offers one of the best rafting experiences in this part of Europe.

Made for everyone

No previous experience is required and children can participate (accompanied with their parents).

Fun fact

Cult movie Winnetou was shot on Zrmanja river.

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Sakarun Beach Excursions

Sakarun Beach excursion from Zadar


Boarding in Zadar8:30 - 9:00
Boat trip to Božava9:00 - 11:00
Transfer Božava - Sakarun11:00 - 11:15
Free time at the beach11:30-15:30
Transfer Sakarun - Božava15:30 - 15:45
Boat trip to Zadar16:00 - 18:00

Included in price

Boat Trip


Adults /per person45€
Children up to 5 yearsFree
Children from 6-12 years / per person22,50€


Sakarun – One of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic

The intensity of the colours: the dark green pinewoods, the shimmering white pebbles, and the sea that changes hue during the day, depending on the position of the sun.

Seen from the hillside above the bay, the sea is an intense turquoise-blue, more akin to the Caribbean than the Adriatic. The bay faces south, onto the open sea, and is rimmed by an 800-metre arch of smooth white stone, which in turn is backed by pinewoods. This is Sakarun (aka Saharun) beach, one of Croatia’s loveliest but least-known spots. You’ll find it at the north end of Dugi Otok island, in North Dalmatia, which remains a pleasantly low-profile destination, despite Croatia’s current popularity.

Note: Sports wear and comfortable sports shoes are recommended, Don't forget to take swimsuit, towel and sun protection, Don't forget your camera!


Departure from Zadar 9:00

The crew will meet you on the boat, boarding beings at 8:30, the boat will leave at 9:00 and if needed, the boat will stop in the port of Draženica and in Muline (Island of Ugljan).

Boat trip 9:00 -11:00
During the trip, you will enjoy the beautiful landscape of the northwestern Zadar archipelago. The guide will show you the exact route on the map and will tell you a few interesting things about the area. During the ride, you can enjoy the upper-sunbathing area and the lower deck, or the air-conditioned salon. Each guest will be serv ed breakfast (ham and cheese sandwich), and a lunch pack that includes a chicken sandwich, salad, fruit and bottle of water.
Transfer Božava - Sakarun 11:00-11:15
The boat enters the harbor of the beautiful, small Island of Božava, where a comfortable air-conditioned bus will be waiting for you. The transfer to Sakarun beach takes about 15 minutes
Free time at the beach 11:30-15:30
The main attraction of the program – Sakarun beach, where you will spend 4 hours of leisure time. The beach is famous for the purity of the sea and its wide belt of white sand extending over almost a kilometer long. The bathing area is extremely large and shallow, and even suitable for small children. There are several catering facilities on the beach that offer refreshments from the summer heat and light meals.
Transfer Sakarun - Božava 15:30-15:45
Transfer from Sakarun to Božava. Free time for Ice cream or coffee in Božava.
Departure from Božava to Zadar 16:00-18:00
The ride takes around 2 hours and if needed, the boat will stop in the port of Draženica and in Muline (Island of Ugljan) before arrival in Zadar

Book Online

You can book your excursion through our online booking system. If you need more information about this tour  or you wish for a customized trip, please contact us. Our travelers rated R&J trips as "Excellent" on Trip Advisor!


Sakarun beach

Sakarun beach is about 800 meters long and at some 250 meters from the shore it is 3.5 meters deep, which means that the bathing area is extremely large and shallow and suitable even for young children


Possible close encounter with dolphins while riding and swimming.

Kornati National Park

Enjoy cruising through the archipelago of the Kornati National Park that includes about 150 islands, islets and rocks.

Great food

Taste traditional Dalmatian food and swim in the salty waters of the lake Mir.

sakarun beach excursions from Zadar