Arrival to Cave Park Grabovača9:30 AM
Visit MC "Nikola Tesla"Smiljan12:00 AM
Lunch in the restaurant2:00 PM
Arrival in Zadar5:00 PM

Price for minimum 4 persons:

Children 7-12 years50€
Children up to 6 years0€

per person

2 Adults125€ per person

Included in price

Transportation from Zadar and back
Entrance tickets to the Cave Park & MC "Nikola tesla"
Lunch in the restaurant


Cave Park Grabovača & MC "Nikola Tesla"

First we will visit Cave Park Grabovača which is located near the center of Perušić in the Lika region. There are many caves that form a unique park in Croatia and Europe. In the area of the park 29 speleological objects were researched and explored, and 5 caves are protected in the category of geomorphological natural monuments. The visit includes a guided tour of the Samograd cave, the most famous location in the park. After the tour you can explore educational trails, Ploče viewpoint, Bird watchtower Forest Organ, Herbal garden with a Hobbit house, Small Lake, Pan's Labyrinth, Barbecue place and Eco playground for kids. River Lika, the longest subterranean river in Croatia, is flowing through the park!

After the cave park we will go to visit the Memorial Center "Nikola Tesla" Smiljan which opened its doors to visitors on July 10th 2006, on the 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's birthday. The Memorial Center consists of pre-existing and newly constructed buildings. Pre-existing, historical buildings include the Birth house of Nikola Tesla, the church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, the outbuilding (barn) and the stone monuments and benches. The newly built buildings are the entrance, the experimental station and multimedia center with an accompanying playground for children.
The Birth house has a permanent interactive exhibit, where the life path of this great inventor and his genius is presented in images, words and sounds. The top floor of the house holds replicas of Tesla’s inventions that changed the world forever and are the foundation for cutting edge technologies even today.

The experimental station is a replica of Tesla's laboratory in Colorado Springs. Demonstrations of wireless transmission of electricity are conducted in the experimental station. A documentary about Nikola Tesla is shown in the multimedia center after each demonstration in the experimental station.

Lunch will be served in a restaurant that belongs amongst the jewels of the gastronomy of Region of Lika .

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The park consists consists of 9 speleological sites will take you back thousands of years into the past

Low temperature

The temperature inside the cave reaches 8°C on average so long sleeves and sturdy shoes are recommended

Nikola tesla inventions are still classified

Tesla died in 1943, but some of his inventions and experiments are still classified by the U.S. government. After his death, all of his possessions were sized by the Office of Alien Property and eventually released to his family, but a few select items are still behind lock and key.