350€ 1 day

Skydiving in Zadar
Experienced Instructor
Pre-jump Safety Briefing
Flight over Zadar
10,000 Feet Jump
Up to 50 Seconds of Free-fall


Skydiving from 10,000 feet over beautiful Zadar archipelago, accompanied with an experienced instructor. Experience the adrenaline rush of a free-fall!

The flight takes place over the Zadar archipelago and the National park Paklenica as a part of Velebit mountain. No better way to see it then from above.

At 10,000 feet we are ready for your jump. Your instructor is adequately experienced for you to relax, all you have to do is follow his brief instructions.

During the free-fall, lasting of up to 50 seconds, you will accelerate to over 200 km/h. At this speed you might feel an extreme adrenaline rush, but in a positive manner since all is happening in a controlled environment. Those are the fifty seconds whole your life fits in. Then comes a moment of relief – canopy opening.

Free fall is followed with 6 to 8 minutes of a serenity floathing down under canopy till you safely land at beach drop zone is located on the way to island Pag

We will deliver high quality adrenaline charged travel experience that will make you feel truly alive.

Private transfer to the Zadar Airport can be arranged if needed.


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