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Nature Park Vrana Lake is the largest lake in Croatia that has numerous impressive sites to explore. Specific geographical position along the intended Dalmatian coast just 500 meters from the shore offers one of the most fascinating viewpoints on the Kamenjak hill and various other interesting spots around a 30 square kilometers of the largest natural freshwater lake in Croatia.

Vrana Lake was created by flooding the field of karst groundwater. Vrana Lake is an example of cryptodepression because the lake level is above sea level and the ground of the lake is under the sea level.

Water and wet wetlands are extremely important in terms of biodiversity conservation. There you can find a large number of endangered and sensitive plant and animal species. In the lake are present true aquatic plants that live entirely submerged or have floating pieces on top of the water. Because of some salinity in the lake, not a large number of species get to develop, which is why the present species occur with a big number of samples and dominate the lake. In this brackish water live marine and freshwater fish, how example carp, pike, catfish and eel.

Nature Park Vrana Lake by Romeo&Juliet Travel Agency is your chance to spend amazing day in combination of history and nature exploring Kamenjak Hill, Ornitilogical Reseve and Maškovića Han and at the end to enjoy in nice walk next to the lake after the lunch.


Kamenjak Hill 9:00

Kamenjak hill viewpoint offers an incredible overview of the whole lake and the beautiful archipelago in front. In such a small space you can have the lake, the hill and the sea on the palm of your hand.

Ornitological Reserve 11:00

The nature park covers the biggest freshwater lake in Croatia with an ornithological reserve where 110 bird species nest and are visited by 230 more species.

Maškovića Han – visit and lunch 13:00

Maškovića han is located next to the town of Vrana and Vrana Lake and and it stands out with its Oriental architecture from the Dalmatian tradition because it is a westernmost example of Turkey’s secular architecture. Construction was started in 1644 by Jusuf Mašković, a high dignitary of the Court in Istanbul and admiral of the Turkish fleet, who was originally from Vrana. Mašković, after his retirement, wanted to settle down in Han but unfortunately it never happened because he died before the end of the construction, so the building was completed in a more modest format than planned. Today Han is the largest Turkish monument building in Croatia and in it is a hotel and restaurant and a small museum and gift shop, and every summer Han hosts the Days of Vrana Knights event.

Nice walk next to the lake 15:00

The lake is surrounded by cycling, walking and hiking paths, so the Vrana Lake is great for an active vacation.


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