NP Krka Waterfalls – half day guided tour

65€/person 1 day

One day Excursion from Zadar 
Pick up from cruise ship port
Lunch package
Private guide
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National park Krka Excursion

Krka Waterfalls half day guided tour

Welcome to a traditional Dalmatian village and the place where Croatia stepped into the modern electric power era with one of the world’s oldest hydroelectric power plants. If you get tired or if it gets too hot, jump under the big waterfall and swim in the fresh waters of the Krka River. A blend of educational and recreational areas, natural and traditional surroundings, plus the fun time, and you get Krka.

Krka Waterfalls are a stunning collection of well-preserved nature and historical sights. The river and waterfalls continually produce natural phenomena, such as travertine formations that are a slow process of calcium-carbonate sedimentation. In addition to that, rich and endemic species of plants and animals revive nature with every new day and invite you to join the fun. The need for preservation of this richness resulted in the creation of Krka Waterfalls National Park in 1985.

The ethno-village pulls you into the traditional lifestyle of Croatians in the Šibenik-Knin region and takes you through their everyday work and lives. Life in harmony with nature continues even today as hydroelectric power plants provide ecological power for the region. The effort put into the reconstruction of the ethno-village was recognized and awarded the Bronze Flower of Europe in 2006.Krka Waterfalls National Park

Excursion by Romeo&Juliet Travel Agency is your chance to enjoy the wonderful Croatia from within.

A private guide will lead you to experience intimately the waterfalls at Skradinski Buk, by foot and by boat, from up-close and from viewpoints—belvederes, including the Imperial Belvedere, as well as the ethno-village and the old hydroelectric plant. Finally, let’s jump into the river and refresh. Lively and vivid National Park will present Croatian nature, history, modern life, and people all at once.


Departure around 8:00
Arrival to the Park: 9:00
Exploring the park 9:30
Time for lunch package 12:00
Departure from Park  13:00
Arrival in Zadar 14:00

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