National Park Kornati

45€ 1 day

Kornati Islands National Park Excursion is exquisite place for everybody. Be ready to experience the Adriatic to the maximum. Islands, swimming and diving in the sea and salt lake, maritime nature, cruising with a yacht, fresh air on this journey.



National Park Kornati excursion

Kornati Islands are one of the most indented archipelagos on the Mediterranean, a unique cluster of 150 islands, islets and cliffs spread over the central part of the Adriatic Sea. It is the bluest corner of the Adriatic. With its exceptionally clear sea, torrents of sunshine, numerous inlets, bays and small ports, Kornati are a must-see destination for boaters on their wanderings over the Adriatic and the right choice for modern Robinsons.

Since establishment of the national park in 1980, Kornati Islands are protected and guarded from the man and for humanity as the prettiest part of Croatian Adriatic Sea. One of the most impressing natural phenomena on Kornati are cliffs that face open sea. Since ancient times cliffs have been called crowns (crown – korona) and that is probably the etymology of the name Kornati. The cliffs reach as high as 161 m, and as deep as 90 m underwater. The crowns of the park offer amazing spots to enjoy view of the Adriatic and its islands.

Our day starts at Roman city of Zadar, it crosses the Adriatic Sea and continues in the Telašćica Park of Nature with its salt lake “Mir” where we will be hiking, swimming and sunbathing. Later we will get back to the yacht and enjoy our lunch with a spectacular view of pure Mediterranean-blue sea. Finally, we move to the island town of Kukljica for sightseeing, swimming and exploring the islanders’ life… and maybe some souvenir shopping. Natural and rural experience in the spacious yacht is the perfect blend of this excursion.

The Kornati Islands National Park Excursion by Romeo&Juliet Travel Agency is your chance to enjoy the wonderful Croatia from within. Our yacht will lead you to experience intimately islands, sea and salt lake, to enjoy the view from the coast and the yacht, swimming, walking and sightseeing, to enjoy the lunch and sunbathing. Fill in the form below and make reservation for your best excursion!


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