Virtual reality tour of Zadar’s history

30€ 1 day

Virtual reality tour of Zadar’s history
VR glasses and controller
Audio guide in 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Croatian and Esperanto
Visit to the locations in the old town


Virtual reality tour of Zadar’s history

Virtual Reality tour of Zadar’s history is a walking tour through Zadar’s old town in which you will discover how 7 “must see” locations looked in different time periods. An assistant leads you from one point to another and with the VR glasses you relive various historical episodes. Audio guide in 7 languages provides the most significant information about Zadar and its past. Join this time travel and discover more than 2000 years of Zadar’s history.

Guests/users will have the opportunity to discover over 2000 years old history of the city of Zadar and instead of imagining how Zadar once looked, they will experience it in a completely different and innovative way. The virtual tour through the history of Zadar is conceived as a walking tour lasting for 1:30 hours and standing on 7 locations in the old town of Zadar and displaying

Tour plan

Thanks to the modern technology, Zadar’s history is now closer than ever. You don’t have to bother yourself trying to visualize how Zadar looked during different historical periods. Instead, you will relive the past and get insight into the crucial moments of Zadar’s history. VR tour of Zadar’s history is not just a sightseeing tour, it is an audio-guided walking tour in the old town, where you will visit 7 “must see” locations and enter Virtual Reality world to relive the most significant historical moments.

Prepare yourself for amazing 360° visuals, 3D objects, high resolution animations, sound effects and intense virtual reality experience.
You will stand in the center of the Antique Forum, built 2000 years ago. Besides that, you will relive the battle from 1202 and experience bombing in World War II. Find out more about Zadar’s importance and development and compare historical visuals with the present appearance.
Adjusted design of a simple user interface allows the user to choose when to see the next point. Users do not need advanced technological knowledge to manage the VR glasses. In any case, our friendly assistant will be at your disposal throughout the tour.


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