Ravni Kotari by Quad

120€/person 1 day



Ravni Kotari is peaceful countryside in Zadar region which draws you in with its beautiful rural scenery, rich cultural and historic heritage, and a slower speed of life. On our quad tour we will go by some beautiful sceneries and you will experience the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation in the nature.

With its powerful engine and large wheels, the quad easily conquers diverse terrains, and the journey through beautiful landscapes provides a sense of freedom and adventure. Moreover, this experience is ideal for all speed and extreme sports enthusiasts.

We will begin our quad adventure at the agreed time from Škabrnja through the rural regions of Zadar County. The first images that come to mind of Škabrnja are its natural beauties, such as the endless agricultural landscape. However, Škabrnja also has another side worth exploring. To discover its lesser-known aspects, we will take off on our quads and pass through the nearby “Valley of Olives,” vast vineyards, and other fruit plantations of our hardworking farmers, as well as the equestrian club “St. Krševan.”

During the tour, we will make several stops at the nearby hill “Ražovljeva Glavica”, which offers a panoramic view of the entire Valley of Olives and where you can take photos with a tank. Quad biking is an exciting adventure that fills you with an incredible sense of freedom and adrenaline. The challenging terrain you conquer, with its twists and turns, tests your driving skills and your ability to embrace the thrill of the ride. The beautiful landscapes you encounter during the ride make this quad biking experience truly.


Driving a Quad only with a driver’s license (A and B) category.
Minors can ride with the consent of their parents.
The load capacity of the Quad is 150 kg.
Mandatory wearing of protective equipment (helmet).

-bring drinks, extra clothes.