Plitvice Lakes National Park

75€ 1 day

One day Excursion from Zadar
From 2 persons
Pick up at your hotel
Private guide
Boat tours
Lunch package
Entrance ticket is NOT included in the price


Plitvice Lakes National Park Excursion is a unique experience for everybody. We organize trips for small groups (2 persons is a minimum).

We will pick you up at your location and our friendly private guide will make sure you get the most out of this unique day trip. Transportation and lunch package are all included in price so you can fully relax and let us worry about organizing everything.

Plitvice Lakes – what can you expect

Be ready for the most beautiful sights, the nature as it once was and as it still should be. Clear water you can actually drink, waterfalls running from one lake to another connected in an amazing web surrounded by forest, wild animals and fresh air, thus creating a wonder of nature – Plitvice.

Plitvice Lakes is a complex of 16 lakes of various sizes that pour one into another, divided by travertine barriers. The algae, mosses and plants create extraordinary palette coloring lakes in all different shades of green and blue. Travertine formations are one of the most important natural phenomenon as it is the main creator of the lakes and it takes centuries for its creation. It takes a year for creation of 3 mm of travertine. Furthermore, all these natural processes still take place today and continue on changing Plitvice Lakes even today.

Rich flora and fauna make Plitvice a living nature that will welcome you in its forest paths, meadows and caves. The most interesting inhabitant of the park is famous Brown Bear, as well as various species of fish, birds and other smaller forest animals. Endemic species of plants make the Lakes even more valuable.

All these reasons were more than enough to declare Plitvice Lakes National Park in 1949 and for inscription at the UNESCO World Heritage in 1979.


  • Departure  8:00
  • Exploring the park  9:30
  • Boat tour  11:30
  • Lunch time  12:00
  • Exploring the park  12:30
  • Departure  14:45
  • Arrival in Zadar  16:30

General Information

The Plitvice Lakes National Park Excursion by Romeo&Juliet Travel Agency is your chance to enjoy the wonderful Croatia from within. Private guide will lead you to experience intimately Upper and Lower lakes, by foot and by boat, next to the laks, cave and waterfalls, including the Big Waterfall of 78m high.

Difficulty: Plitvice lakes is our biggest and oldest national park. There is lots of walking, uphill, downhill, there are lots of steps so this tour is not wheelchair accessible.

What to bring: sport or closed shoes (not flip flops), layered clothes, rain coat in case of rain since the park is in the mountain.

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You can book your excursion through our online booking system or please contact us if you need more information or some different arrangements.


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