The interesting thing is that you can dive in the National park Kornati and in the Park of the nature Telašćica.

These positions are the most attractive for diving, the places everyone dreams of and wants to return. The beautiful walls are full of different kind of fish, gorgonias, sponges. There you can meet lobster, moray, the unique red corals or the underwater caves or holes. Everything is very admirable because the sea is clear and so clean.

The summer temperature of the sea ( approximately 23 º C ) and its transparency ( the depth of 40 m ) are the best conditions for every diver.


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2 dives
Full tanks


Invention of diving

Jacques Cousteau invented Scuba gear in 1943, calling his cylinder the aqualung.

Sound travel

Sound travels five times faster underwater than in air, which makes it almost imipossible to establish where sound is coming from, as we rely on the time difference between our ears to do so.

Red or yellow

Once you get below 10 metres depth, you can't see red or yellow! If you cut yourself your blood looks blue.

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